Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Polymer Clay Fiary Houses

Hello all! As promised, here are some of the fairy houses that I have been working on! I actually built a landscape scene for some of them to sit on too, but I will have to share that later when I get the finishing touches on it. These houses are only about 3.5" tall, they apparently seem much bigger in pictures I am told!
I created these two colourful houses for Mother's Day. The mint green one was given to my mother-in-law and the blue one was given to my mom. Both are such wonderful ladies and I wanted to show how much I appreciate them!
I made them into fairy gardens too, and I am so pleased with how they turned out!
My mom has an obsession with outhouses, so her fairies have to live with going to the bathroom outdoors. I do like how this tiny outhouse turned out though!
The following houses are what I built for my landscape scene. There is also a water wheel house (not pictured) that I have not photographed yet, but they make a pretty cute set.
Below is the first house I made and it is still my favourite!
This house was built on top of a glass vile. The window has actual glass in it and the roof comes off.
The detail in the windows on this church was probably the most challenging part. I would really like to make bigger windows that look like stained glass on another building at some point!
This treehouse was probably the most fun to make, mostly because I have always had a child-like obsession with them. The ladder leads to a platform and there are wood pieces that spiral down the back of the tree trunk to the ground.
Thanks for stopping by! There will certainly be more of these fun clay creations in the future as they are so much fun to make!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Banff Travels & an Update

Hello blog readers! It has been awhile since I have updated the blog once again, but thank you for continuing to visit and support me. I have a few projects to upload, which I plan to do in the next couple days, but first I wanted to do a bit of a life update first.

Andrew and I visited Banff, AB for a couple days at the end of April just for a nice getaway. We had such a wonderful time! The weather was gorgeous for our first day there, so we hiked up Tunnel Mountain. The views of Banff were spectacular from up there! This first photo was taken on my iPhone 5 and edited on instagram and the second one was taken in vivid colour on my Canon camera.

Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed a couple patios as the weather was perfect (the rooftop one at the Elk & Oarsman was really fun).

We had a nice fancy dinner that night at The Maple Leaf. Our favourite dish was this Regional Game Platter which featured many meats and cheeses we had never tried before.
We did some shopping on our second day as the weather was a bit rainy. We stopped in at Beaver Tails for a snack in the afternoon.
Even when rainy, the misty mountain views are still breathtaking! We are so lucky to live this close to such a beautiful place! Though both of us have been here many times, it still amazes us how wonderful Banff is.
In other news, I completed my work term for the winter semester and have just started my final semester of classes for my Bachelor of Applied Interior Design degree. I will be working on my capstone project until the beginning of August when I will present it at our grad show. I look forward to sharing more about this soon!

Andrew just completed his diploma in Civil Engineering Technology at SAIT this April and he has already found work. He is loving his new job and we are both very grateful that he found something despite the the downturn in the economy.

I have been creating lots of tags and cards lately, which I will be posting in the next couple of days. I have also gotten back into polymer clay and have been creating some cute little fairy buildings. If you follow me on instagram (staybeautiful84), you may have seen these. You can head over there for a peek, but I will also be posting them here shortly too.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and are experiencing some nice spring weather!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mid-December Daily Update 2014

I have had a very busy month so far which makes for a very exciting December Daily, but no time to update it! I have finally caught up (I only had about 5 days completed before today!), so it was nice to just sit down and craft all day! I haven't done that in forever! Here are a few peeks at the work I have done so far. I love seeing all of your December projects too, so let me know if you have any inspiration for me!

If you haven't seen my recent Youtube video, I am using one of the Simple Stories Snap albums for the cover of my book. I typically make all my albums and have never used one of these before, but I am really enjoying it! I still have to decorate the cover so let me know if you have any inspiration for that too!
I am loving this stamp from my Michaels haul (part of my latest Youtube video). It was on for 50% off so I only paid about $6 CAN for it! Deer are very trendy right now and I am loving it! The gold bling are also from my haul.
I like how this page turned out a lot, likely because the pictures are nice and clear. This was a date night that hubby and I decided to do on a whim!
The plastic page does not do this layout justice, without the glare it is really quite nice. The kraft doilys are also from Michaels and I love these photostrips from a photobooth that my friends and I were at. The "Peace" wood veneer is a Recollections Christmas one.
I punched holes and added eyelets to the red burlap bag from Michaels so that it could fit in the binding. It is very thick in the book, but I like how it adds some extra texture.
On Monday we got our wedding photos back and I am really excited to share some of those! Our photographer did an amazing job capturing all the special moments and we are beyond happy! I used some gesso on the typewriter paper to tone it down a little. The number 15 here was stamped and embossed using red powder.
This is one of my current favourite wedding photos so i decided to include it. The "Love" embellishment is actually a Christmas decoration from Michaels.
For days that I only have one photo and a little bit of journaling I like to put it on a mini page, or a tag in this case. Yesterday we got almost all of our Christmas shopping done!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are having a great, festive season.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Life Update

It has been too long! I miss blogging, making videos, and most of all of the amazing people that I have gotten to know through these things. It has just been a very crazy few years of my life. Crazy good that is, but also crazy busy. I am in my final year of the Interior Design program and it has never left me much time for anything else. On top of that I managed to find the time to GET MARRIED this summer! I love my husband so much and I am so delighted that i get to spend the rest of my life with him. I look forward to all that life will bring us! In this post I just wanted to talk a bit about our wedding and the great honeymoon that we had. I will soon be posting updates about my December Daily that I am starting and I am currently uploading a video for that on Youtube!

Above is a pic from our engagement photo session with our wedding photographer, Chris. You may remember engagement photos that were done 2 winters ago right after we actually got engaged (done by my lovely friend Paige) but these came with our wedding package and it was great to have summer photos done too.
 Chris really captured some great shots!
 One of my favourites from our wedding! We are still waiting on more to come, can't wait to see them!
 For our honeymoon we went on a two week road trip to the US. We camped most of the way and only stayed in hotels for two nights. We drove south from where we live (Calgary, AB) and down through Montana. We then drove West across Idaho and the top of Oregon to get to the coast. We drove North up the West Coast (the furthest South we went was to Newport) and then headed back home through BC. We stopped in the Canadian Rockies to meet up with some of Andrew's family for a fun offroading weekend trip to end our big trip. It was a wonderful experience and we both had an amazing time!
 Sunset pic by Andrew taken at Boardman Park, Lake Umatilla, Oregon
 Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport
 An amazing place where we ate at the Newport Bayfront, loved it! (Ocean Bleu at Gino's)
 The Bayfront, Newport
 Steven's State Park Campground beach, Astoria, Oregon
 Golfing at a very casual place in Astoria, my first time! (We were terrible)
 Seattle, Washington
Pike Place Market, Seattle
 Pike Place Market, Seattle
On the road home!

We saw so many beautiful things on our trip but I don't want to bore you with too much at once! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Design Final Third Semester

I completed this project for my Design class in my third semester of my Interior Design Degree. We were to design a house for a client living in the community of Marda Loop in Calgary. My concept was "Rising from the Ashes"; that the family had gone through some kind of unexpected loss. The new house symbolizes their new beginning. The verticality of the living area represents the growth that they have done. The finishes are a combination of rustic (to represent their past that they do not want to forget) and contemporary (to represent their optimistic future). I know this is very different from my usual posts, but this is the sort of thing I have been focusing on all semester while neglecting everything else. I hope you enjoy peeking into the other main part of my life besides crafting!

All drawings for this project were done using Copic Markers, pencil crayon, and fine liner on Copic or Canston marker paper.

The photos were all taken with my phone, so sorry for bad cropping and quality.
Dining area bench seating.
 Double height living area and LED lit glass stairs.
 Exterior view or NW corner.
 Materials board, a mix of rustic and contemporary.
The final presentation boards: 1. Site Plans and Exterior, 2. Section looking East, 3. Section looking West, 4. Section looking North and Dining Perspective, 5. Living area Perspective and Master Bedroom Perspective